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La Fabrika: SYNovial (english review)

La Fabrika: SYNovial (english review)

An interesting performance providing many ways of interpretation, as the authors most likely intended.

So how did it play out? With almost no words whatsoever, as long as I discard the sentence „baník f**k, baník“ (which was the only piece of dialogue spoken by both actors taking part in the play). Thanks to my acquisiton of a first row seat, I was able to observe the yelling from up close, every muscle in the actors´ bodies tense, every feature of their face thickened, both strength and courage told in a quick, short utterance. That much could be gathered from this single vocal exchange. But how much talking do the men really do? Not a great lot.

What the show lacked in dialogue, it compensated with alcohol, nuts and manly odor; all of it widely used, so that there would be no doubt about the authenticity of the branded „Pilsner Urquell“ or „Starobrno“ beer. As the time went by, the floor slowly morphed from a relatively dry place into a wet slide, which served only to increase the levels of adrenaline in the veins of both the actors and the viewers. This adrenaline and danger was radiating from the show’s atmosphere all the way through. That was obviously intended – escalate the tension, difficulty and atmosphere of the play – just as the life of a man does.

Choreography was characterized by the obvious difficulty and precision, that is so often attributed to the work of Marek Zelinka. His appearance may be well known from the notorious dancing contest StarDance. Last year of the contest was won by himself and his dancing partner. Just as in Stardance, this show also cast him into one of the roles. From my – the spectator’s – point of view, the majority of the show was constructed in such a way as to place Marek on the spotlight, while his colleague did „the hard work“ instead. However, this proved to be rather fitting arrangement for both of them.

Music took part in the play quite rarely, although it still appeared more often than word commentary of either of the main actors. The ending piece, John Brown’s „It’s a man’s man’s man’s world“ was a fitting closure to a show mapping the life of a common man and his perception of the world through his body.

Thus allow me to end my review with a line from this song:
„This is a man’s world … He’s lost in the wilderness, he’s lost in bitterness”

PS: Allow me one more tiny postscript.

The theatrical play was displayed in Industra Stage. I have to say a thing or two about this interesting place. Comfortable atmosphere of the theatre’s café and hall in the spaces of former destruction offices – interesting idea. Everything is only improved by the kind and helpful manners of the Industra Stage employees, making it a truly wonderful place to visit. Shows that you may behold there are just as unusual and innovative as the spaces, where they take place. I must heartily recommend it both as a place to enjoy your coffee, just as a place to enjoy a truly interesting theatrical experience.

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Renata Skýpalová

Na Střední škole KNIH působím jako ředitelka. Současně jsem stále pedagog, a tak ráda pomáhám studentům s jejich aktivitami, které žáky i školu dále rozvíjejí. V posledních letech čtu převážně odbornou literaturu (oblast ekonomiky, marketingu, managementu), a proto nabídka četby knih „jiného typu“ je pro mne příjemnou výzvou.