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„Barťák“ free as a bird and „tame“ as a tiger – ENGLISH REVIEW

„Barťák“ free as a bird and „tame“ as a tiger – ENGLISH REVIEW

The film „Tiger Theory“ could, with a bit of exaggeration, be considered a road movie of a grey tiger – not a wolf, although the greying hair of Jiří Bartoška seems to make this a proper analogy. We are taken on a trip and an escape by a veterinarian Jan (Jiří Bartoška), who after many years of his – from the eyes of his wife happy – marriage, recapitulates his wife, but definitely does not capitulate – quite the opposite.

So what is the film about?

The film is about life, about masculine and feminine principles, about the path to freedom and about how women – mothers, sisters, girlfriends always want the best for us men, or least they seem to think so in their goodwill. Manly vs. Womanly worlds – an omnipresent and everlasting theme, differing views. It, however, definitely can not be said that I view this picture as an objective probe into the testosterone and estrogen universes.

This film primarily focuses on an aging veterinarian Jan, who quickly finds out that lives of men are being controlled only by cruel and manipulative women. Manly gender caters to their every whim. He realises this after the unfortunate passing of his father-in-law and he begins to act. It‘s a battle for his individuality, freedom and personal space. At the end of each fight, in this case a road movie, is the end, a revelation. It is not diffirent with male and female protagonists of this film.

Actors performances were most pleasant. After a serious ilness, the greying Jiří Bartoška once again appears on the silver screen, who with humor and sarcasm acts as the film‘s main male role. Eliška Balzerová plays the main female role, acting the part of Jan‘s wife. Balzerová managed to play the role in such a way, that even though her character appears to be the antagonist at the first sight, she awakens a stream of opposite emotions and makes the viewer understand her. The film also casts Iva Janžurová, who can‘t shake of her comedic talent even in a serious picture.

Tiger Theory is a film debut for Radek Bajgar (Expozitura, Neviditelní, Kriminálka Anděl) and really quite Iell executed. Personally I‘d liken this film to Vratné Láhve, where people at the twilight of their lives once again recapitulate their lives. The picture isn‘t nearly as funny as Svěrák‘s Vratné Láhve, but it manages to be pleasantly bittersweet. I am convinced that we will hear more about this film when it comes to giving out the Český Lev prizes.

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