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Opposites attract or What is nice about The Nice Guys? – ENGLISH REVIEW

Opposites attract or What is nice about The Nice Guys? – ENGLISH REVIEW

The fact that opposites attract is well documented in the area of film ever since the times of the silent comedy and the pair Lauer & Hardy. Film „The Nice Guys“ is a criminal comedy that returns back in time to the 70‘s, when detectives were true hardasses and pornstars ecologically literate. Are you smiling yet? Than that‘s nothing against what your mouth corners will do while watching this film.

„The Nice Guys“ are indeed funny, with a scale of all levels of hard humour. The film is credited to Shane Black, who made himself famous in Hollywood in the 80‘s (Die Hard…). Both main heroes of his films are always polar opposites – a tradition maintained with „The Nice Guys“. In the search for a missing pornstar, an unlucky P.I. Ryan Gosling (The Notebook) teams up with a badass thug for hire without a gym membership – Russel Crowe (Gladiator). Both actors approached their respective roles responsibly. They don‘t overact or make fools of themselves – they can naturally summon up feelings of both laughter and dread in the viewer. For example, i would not want to meet Russel Crowe at the public toilets.

The movie is also full of funny one-liners with some references being easier to catch than others, mostly because of the cultural diffirences, but also because things like not knowing the proper name for a certain sexual practice or their unsatisfying translation to czech. I must also admit that i don‘t think that the criminal plot with political subtext was the most important part. If yes, i apparently was not meant to be part of the target audience and would next time prefer a detaied timeline of the stuff that happens, or at least a hand-drawn mind map of an investigator.

I think the film could do with 2 versions – director‘s cut and a shorter, to me more easily digestible version (around 30 minutes). On the other hand, film contains some very funny action scenes, which the audience with a sense of black humour will surely appreciate – some are predictable, other are suprising and engaging. And you definitely don‘t count the minutes with these.

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