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Total Detox Plan—Cleanse and Revitalise Your System and See the Difference in 7 days

Book: Total Detox Plan—Cleanse and Revitalise Your System and See the Difference in 7 days
Author: Charmaine Yabsley
Publisher: Ikar

A varied book full of colourful photos and most importantly useful tips. Who wouldn´t want to regain their energy in the spring, cleanse their winter-weary bodies and get ready to put on a new summer look? But the amount of these so-called effective books and guidelines included in them is too high. Let’s take a closer look at what the author really wrote. Is it a plan for a total cleanse?
From the very onset of the book, the author (a journalist, which might mean that she knows how to write well and that she may bring new knowledge to the field) makes sure to show that her methods are grounded in reality. As she states herself, she understood that there is no universal method that would work for everyone, everytime – that was quite a pleasant revelation, as it helped me relax just a little bit. I would hate to read about such methods, for those people would not be people, but robots. The length of practice, as in the time that the author has spent researching the topic is also pleasant – 30 years, which means she can give us her own experience or the experience of her clients. And that often means more than the methods used by the most prominent doctors.
After a promising introduction we get to the part about a body cleansing system. An organised table, which offers all the important information about the organs that the body uses for its cleanse. And there’s quite a lot of them – liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, lymphatic system, intestines… . And every one of them has its role listed right beside the factors that overwhelm it. Well, it seems that I overwork just about every organ I have, but as it seems, everyone does. So with our heads held high, we approach phase three – choosing the right cleansing program. There is a quick program, like the 24 hour cleanse, or the three-day-cleanse, or even a bit more time-consuming three week procedure. Well, there’s no reason to rush anything, so let’s first try out the shorter ones and continually progress to the longer programs. Every variant has a defined diet and exercise plan, so that the cleanse can be properly effective.
Beside the body cleanse, we also find advice on how to cleanse our soul. So just as they say in 2 in 1 – You will cleanse both your body and soul as it should be. Body and soul are bound together, so if we are putting things in order, let’s do it the right way.
Recipes contained in the book are a little bit untraditional, but not entirely unrealistic, as since the velvet revolution, Thai cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Ayurveda spices and other exotics have already arrived in the Czech Republic. Because of that, few ingredients can suprise us. And what if there was no way to get them? That is definitely not the case, all you need to do is to shop in one of the numerous health food grocery shops. The preparation process of food, cocktails, teas or face masks is clear, comprehensive and usually consists of quite simple tasks.
Now it’s only up to you. Do you want to “clean yourself up”? If your answer is YES, than I fully recommend this book as your personal guide.

About The Author

Renata Skýpalová

Na Střední škole KNIH působím jako ředitelka. Současně jsem stále pedagog, a tak ráda pomáhám studentům s jejich aktivitami, které žáky i školu dále rozvíjejí. V posledních letech čtu převážně odbornou literaturu (oblast ekonomiky, marketingu, managementu), a proto nabídka četby knih „jiného typu“ je pro mne příjemnou výzvou.