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The Queen of Death – english review

The Queen of Death
John Milne

This is a detective story featuring inspector Salahadin El Nur, a top policeman in Cairo, who is in search of an answer to the riddle of an ancient curse.
He suspects that an English professor, by the name of Dr. John Farrow, is involved with a gang of smugglers. He is an archaeologist, who came to Egypt and then mysteriously went missing. Nobody knows much about him, but many famous archaeologists had read his only book – The Mystery of Queen Axtarte, and most of them agreed with it. In it Dr. John Farrow says that he knows where Queen Axtarte is buried.
Axtrate is known as the Queen of Death, because she poisoned all the people who knew where her body was buried. In addition, it is said that she put a curse on her tomb to protect it: “Anyone who enters my tomb, anyone who steals from my tomb, anyone who touches my body – that person will die a terrible death. And many more will die with him.”
So when Inspector Salahadin El Nur heard about this incident, he set on to find Dr. John Farrow and the real truth about the curse of Queen Axtarte.
The book is made of 14 chapters and was originally written in English. In my opinion it most suits young, but not advanced readers. Simple vocabulary and sentences are used to tell this detective story. Despite that, the mystery might interest grown-ups as well.
I really enjoyed reading it because the book presents some surprising twists and it has got an exciting plot.

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