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Na slovíčko s Robertem Fulghumem – ENGLISH review

Na slovíčko s Robertem Fulghumem – ENGLISH review

On Friday the 17th of June I had a very unusual opportunity. I had the chance to meet Robert Fulghum, the American author of a famous book: „All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten“ and shortly interview him in the bookstore Barvič & Novotný, where his book signing took place that day. Mr Fulghum made a very nice and kind impression right from the start; when we arrived, he was already signing books. With our professor Svánovský and my classmate Viktorie, we were very eager to meet this extraordinary writer. As soon as we approached him, he smiled kindly and didn’t stop doing so throughout the whole interview.

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I knew that Mr Fulghum likes the Czech Republic and visits it very often. That’s why my first two questions were about our country. Firstly I asked if he knew and liked any Czech authors. He answered that although he doesn´t know any modern Czech literature, he likes the works of Čapek, Kundera and Havel very much. To the question about the Czech language, whether it seems weird to him, he answered that Czech is a hard language, especially our alphabet, but he likes it and sometimes even understands it.

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Robert Fulghum worked various jobs and professions throughout his life and thus I was curious which one of them  he loved and hated the most. He said he liked all of them and although he didn’t like some of them at that time, now he happily recollects them.

One of Robert’s sons is a writer as well and he has already published two books, both of them were translated into Czech. I asked him if he somehow led his son to writing or if it was his own choice and he said that it was, because he started writing on his journeys for work.

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Taking into consideration the fact that Fulghum likes the Czech Republic a lot and even lived in Prague for some time, I wanted to know whether he had any favorite places in our capital. He answered he didn’t live right in the centre of Prague and his favorite places were on the outskirts of Prague where he lived.

Out of all of my questions, I will never forget the last one for which I got the most precious answer. I asked Mr Fulghum if he could say something to young people who want to be authors just like him someday. He told me that writing isn’t about sitting down in front of a computer and typing. It’s living. He said you have to live first and then write and not the other way around.

Mr Fulghum signed our book from our school library and with that our interview ended. The whole meeting was truly exciting and everyone enjoyed it very much. Robert Fulghum is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met and I am eternally grateful that my school gave me the opportunity to meet him. …

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Pavla Krejčová, 1.K

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